Webstart allows you to run ErmineJ without running a special installation program. It is the easiest way to get going. You must install a recent version of Java (1.7 or later), which you can get here. Download it and install it.

Click here to launch ermineJ using Webstart

First time users:

When you click on the link above you are downloading a file called “ermineJ.jnlp”, which you should open (e.g., double-click). This will initiate the next steps of program startup.

Once Java starts to launch, you will get a warning asking whether to trust the publisher. Please check “Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above” and click “Run”.

MacOSX users: You may get a security warning when you try to open the file, which can be bypassed using the System Preferences “Security & Privacy” section and clicking on “open anyway”.