Old ermineJ news

Version 2.1.22 – (November 2010)

Fixes a CLI bug that caused gene score file to be required even when using the correlation method. This only affects users of the command line tool.

Version 2.1.18 – (July 2009) Changes include:

  • Fix broken links on GO file documentation page.
  • Update our mailing list address. Old subscribers have been subscribed to the new list
  • Fix a bug that kept the -g option working on the command line.

Version 2.1.15 – (July 2007) This is primarily a bugfix release. The most significant changes are:

  • An error was made in the two previous distributions: an incorrect jar file was included in the windows installer, so some bugfixes were not correctly included. In particular, an issue with how the GO classes were read in is now consistent between all distributions. Thanks to Oliver Homann for bringing this to our attention.
  • There were problems with some command line arguments not being recognized correctly.

  April 2007

  • We fixed two bugs that can affect the analysis. First, it was possible for some implicit GO term associations to be missed. This primarily affected large GO categories that most users tend to remove from consideration, but may affect analyses. Second, there was a problem using input scores containing negative values and the “best score” option to handle multiple occurrence of genes on array designs. Users who always use positive values would not be affected by this problem. We thank the users who identified reported these problems!

September 2 2005: Version 2.1.6 – Maintanance release to fix bugs in reading and utilization of user-defined gene sets introduced since 2.1.3.

August 16 2005: Version 2.1.5 – Maintenance release, primarily fixing performance issues. Most importantly, a bug causing slow responses in the tree view after an analysis has been fixed, and the performance of the correlation analysis has been drastically improved.

July 11 2005: Version 2.1.4 – Maintenance release to fix a number of recently discovered issues affecting the user interface, performance, and reading of data files.

June 10 2005: Version 2.1.3 – Maintenance release to fix a variety of bugs, and introduces a few minor new features.

June 7 2005: Version 2.1.2 – New feature: Receiver operator characteristic (ROC) analysis. Also fixes a number of bugs, all users should upgrade.

June 2 2005: Version 2.1.1 – Fixes bugs which caused incorrect parsing of gene descriptions and resulted in multiple custom gene set directories. All users should upgrade.

June 1 2005: Version 2.1 has been released . Many new improvements and changes.

  • The command line interface has been largely rewritten and should be more robust, easier to use, and easier to understand.
  • A variety of cosmetic and GUI bugs have been fixed, especially affecting Linux and Macintosh users.