Version 3.0.2 (February 2014)

This release fixes several problems reported by users as well as including some documentation updates.

  • The “generic” distribution of the software had an error in the configuration causing it to fail to execute.
  • The logging configuration was causing some problems for command line use.
  • In the details screen, if your “raw data” matrix is missing data matching the rows in your score file, saving the image or data would fail (bug 3898)
  • The data matrix reader was skipping the first two columns of data relative to the documented meaning of the “first data column” (bug 3922)
  • We reduced use of the term “probe” in favor of the more platform-neutral “element”, to refer to the potential many-to-one relationship between the data and genes.
  • There have been some additions and clarifications to the on-line documentation.