Software Installation Notes

Please see the Download for more information on prerequisites.


The simplest way to use ermineJ might be to use the webstart. This allows you to run ermineJ without running a separate installer.


Download the installer (ermineJ-XXXXX.exe), and double-click on it. The installation wizard will take you through the steps to install the software. After installation, ermineJ can be started by double-clicking on the desktop icon.


Double-click on the dmg file. Drag the ermineJ icon into your Application directory.

Other platforms

For other platforms, we provide a “generic bundle” that can be used to run ermineJ without an installer.

  1. Unpack the distribution. You should end up with a directory called ‘ermineJ-3’ or something like that.
  2. Set the enviroment variable ERMINEJ_HOME to this directory. You will also need to define JAVA_HOME to point to your Java installation.
  3. Add $ERMINEJ_HOME/bin to your path, if you want to make it easier to execute.
  4. You can now execute ermineJ by running the script (Unix, should also work on Mac OSX by replacing the .sh extension with .command) or ermineJ.bat (Windows) in the bin directory.

By default, executing the script will simply print usage instructions. To start the gui, use -G .

By using the other options, you can cause ermineJ to run an analysis non-interactively. The command line interface is described here